Tuesday, 16 March 2021

How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay?

I’ve made an audio version of my book of dreams. This is an experimental album of narrated dream stories set to atmospheric musical scores. I would like to share with you my perceptions. Or rather, how I have listened to my soul speaking to me in the language of dreams. 

I am joined in these recordings by the voices of my creative allies, who have brought these texts to life in ways I could not have imagined. I’m full of gratitude for their spirited, thoughtful and compassionate readings. 

During sleep the body and mind repairs itself in order to thrive. It is a time for restoration where essential truths are revealed in the realm of dreams, engaging with all the senses. In dreams, perception of time and space defies scientific laws. There are no rules in these surreal vistas, only an invitation to explore, untethered, and learn the true nature of our fears and desires. 

Throughout history a reverence for the power and meaning of dreams has shaped civilisations.  They provide us with a potent awareness of ourselves and our bearing in the world. 

We sleep. We dream.

Words, music, production & concept by Gaynor Perry.

Flute: Sarah Anne Robins (tracks 2 & 29) 
Violin: Noel Vine (track 13) 
Clarinet: Robert Schuck (track 13) 
Organ: Jessica Lauren (track 10) 
Whistling: Noko 440 (track 15) 

Mastered by Brian Lucey (except 31) Simon Gibson (track 31) 

Cover art & photography by Gaynor Perry 

Owing to the nature of dreams, some of this work may be unsuitable for children.

The Narrators (image below):

My intention in creating this work is to transcribe stories delivered in the dream state directly from the subconscious. And to describe these sensory experiences musically; creating richly atmospheric landscapes through which the intangible and ephemeral can be manifested. The aim is to provide anecdotal evidence of the innate intelligence residing within each one of us; that guides and heals us through our lifetime. 

The dreams conveyed in this body of work were harvested over a period of three years and many highlight to me areas of unresolved emotional trauma; experiences that are difficult to understand and process. The dreams provide me with a lens through which to assimilate these experiences into my being. I have endeavoured to write frank and literal accounts of what I saw, felt and heard. The dreams are calibrated by my subconscious to provide me with the insight and sensory discharge required to maintain equilibrium in order to thrive.

I am presenting this intimate body of work for public display as I would like to share my experiences of communicating with self. I believe this is the truest bond we can attain, and one which is so often dissociated. I believe the information from the subconscious mind is the most pertinent information available to us.