Saturday, 22 March 2014

An Evolution of Love

I've been working with performance artist Bridgett Ane Lawrence on the imagery for her new production An Evolution of Love.

It's a dance/play written, choreographed and performed by Bridgett Ane for the Brighton Fringe Festival, May 17-19 at the Marlborough Theatre.  As well as these stills, I've created films which will form the back-drop to part of the performance.

She's a fearless, talented performer and also an Asana Yoga Champion.

I wish her every success!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Poison Arrows

Poison Arrows from Gaynor Perry on Vimeo.

It's not impossible or unsurmountable, just say it out loud
Could be that you think it doesn't matter if you keep your feelings locked away
Darling, poison arrows will fade to dust
Sometimes it's hard to trust

First we crawl, then we walk, then we run and then we fly
Embracing all the new beginnings I'm calling to me every day
The grass is long in the meadow, I trace the contours where we lay
Darling, say those arrows fade to dust - only time will tell for us

Something to say coloured by the night
Just like a dance there's letting go and holding on
Spirited away like fallen leaves
Melt into the ground, we're just resting - we're resting

And I'll see you for you, you'll see me for me - what arrows?

Tiny shoots are breaking through, reaching up into the blue
I'll see you for you, you'll see me for me

I'll see you for you, you'll see me for me

Film, photography & music
written, recorded, produced
© Gaynor Perry

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Portrait of Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers, photographer.

Derek's Wikipedia Page

I first met Derek nearly 20 years ago, and he really doesn't seem to have changed much over the years, I have to say.   His hair may be a little greyer, but essentially his unassuming and pragmatic nature remain intact; as does his very dry sense of humour.   An expert in his field, he's a modest man who has accumulated an immense and varied body of work.  He doesn't appear to be enthralled at all by the glamour of the Hollywood A-listers he's photographed, giving equal credence to his superbly prolific archives documenting the British subculture. He's fair and impartial, each subject is given his full and focused attention.  He a bit an enigma, really.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Encephalic Cleansing

The idea behind these paintings is not to think, but to purge.

Each painting:
25x 25 cm
gouache on watercolour paper

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Order of the Sky

Kite: Pay no attention to the distractors who would keep you in the grip of fear, held hostage by their ideas of paranoia and persecution. Look to me instead. I am watching you. Swooping and circling above your head, the image of you transfixed on the retina of my hawk eye. Consider me your marker, find your balance in my aerial display.  Join me in my realm of sky and experience the synergy of our collaboration, if only for a moment.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Vault: Music for Silent Gothic Treasures

Vault is a compelling and uncanny musical happening, in which original music by Sarah Angliss, performed live in gothic revivalist buildings, breathes new life into rarely seen, silent gothic treasures from the BFI National Archive.  Films of this kind mix romance with ancient ruins, witchcraft, transfigurations and many other gothic tropes.  They are the inspiration for Vault – a live score, featuring 45 minutes of Sarah's original work.  She's performing Vault with a small ensemble of musicians, using theremin and other electronics, vocals, cello, percussion and her hand built musical automata.  This exciting and ambitious project has been made possible by an Individual’s Award from the PRS for Music Foundation.

Sarah invited me into the fold to document the rehearsals and run-throughs leading up to the first performance which took place at the BFI South Bank, London on Saturday 14 December.   Here's the story so far ...

The players, in the green room at the BFI just before they went on stage: 

Sarah Angliss
Jenny Angliss
Bela Emerson
Paul Snowdon / Time Attendant
Stephen Hiscock

BFI South Bank, London: Saturday 14 December

Sarah meets one of her heros, Peter Sasdy - director of The Stone Tape

Rehearsal Rooms, Brighton:  Sunday 8 December