Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Spy & Other Stories

“Often uncanny and verging on unnerving, these beautifully selected black and white shots are rich with a mythical quality all of their own. Perry invites you to share her wonder in the mysteries of nature and folklore, revealing the underlying narratives that she feels so strongly to be true.” – Eleanor Pearce, artist

“The bright shadows left by future dreams once remembered.” – Andrew Back, artist

Imagine telling an epic story about 
yourself and the world through your eyes 
that isn't a lie. 

I had some really vivid dreams last night that highlighted to me the power of being inspired by and appreciating nature; how that sense of awe can feel like being lifted into the air, akin to flight. I think wildness came through very strongly and spoke to the wildness in me. 

In one of the dreams, I met a stag and somehow I knew this: If you meet a stag in the heather, and he bows to you, be sure to step to the side before you return a low bow so he will know you revere him in greeting. Otherwise, he will crush your skull with his antlers.

This world is not what it seems, 
and it is certainly not what we are told it is. 
In truth, there is no sense of order here,
 so our little hearts crave stories that glue us together.

Sentinel, St Anne's Well, East Yorkshire


a solo exhibition by Gaynor Perry
featuring black & white photography
at the Peggy Jay Gallery
Burgh House, New End Square, London NW3 1LT

Wednesday 16 to Sunday 27 May, 2018
Preview: Wednesday 16 May 6.30pm-8.30pm

The exhibition is open 12-5pm
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays
(nearest tube Hampstead)

The Spy (main image)
Portrait of Bourne, Senescent Tree (main images)
Portrait of Bert (main image)
The Dawn has a lot to Offer (main image)
M├Ądchen - mixed media, hand-made puppet

Monday, 5 February 2018

Goodwood Lambs

Welcome to the world.

Beautiful ewes with their newborn lambs at the Goodwood Estate, West Sussex.  Some of the lambs had just arrived that morning. Above is a distinctive Southdown ewe.

Couldn't ignore this striking couple.