Saturday 4 May 2013

Forgetting Rescue

I'll see you in a circle by the woods
I'm turning upside down to find love
We've never ever had it so good
So why are we having such a terrible time
Truth is we're lost & found
In all the ripples we're drowned
What a lovely place to be
Forgetting rescue

I've seen people in many situations
Finding a way through the world
Overcoming doubt & hesitations
Holding you back, won't let you go

Truth is we're born alone
This fleeting life is ours to own
So throw yourself into the fray
Forgetting rescue

Sometimes we ache, we lie awake
Missing pages
We fold into a thousand shapes

You mean the world to me
and you can hold the memory
But can you grasp the reality
We are running through green fields
We're under no illusion
We're forgetting

I buried the old me in a dream last night
I laid me to rest in a bed lamp black
I said goodbye and drew a cartoon
But somebody stole it, I don't want it back

Truth is we'll never know the circumstances, how we grow
So take the road that brings you on

Take the road that brings you on

Film & Soundtrack
written, recorded & produced © ℗ Gaynor Perry
Synth pad sample: Sarah Angliss