Friday 7 September 2018

A Momentous Meeting

I was sitting quietly under an oak tree, watching the shadows of hawks and planes on the field, when this lovely visitor stopped to look me in the eye. I have never seen the deer so close. She was completely unperturbed by my presence. The meeting felt momentous.

The following night I dreamed I saw my future self. I was lost, and she stepped out of a gold door to meet me. I am comforted by this vision. Reassured the woman I will become towards the end of my life is looking out for me, willing me into being.

Coincidentally, this is the same location the falcon, Ruby, visited whilst I was exploring the footsteps of my childhood in A Child's Rumour.

Below, my journey to the field, through the enchanting light.

Following on from this fortuitous encounter with the roe deer I created a book Journeys Through The Enchanting Light:

I am fortunate to live within an hour walking distance from my place of work. This daily commute takes me through fields where foxes pounce over swaying wheat and where Canada geese convene after harvest. I trace the old pathways along stretches of farmland under tangled boughs collecting my thoughts, capturing these images on my phone. Often stopped in my tracks by thorns, a torn shirt sleeve. Occasionally catching sight of a fleeting roe deer.

Sometimes I travel further afield to embrace the woods at Bookham Commons or the ruins of Walsingham Abbey. My spirit reaches there before my eyes do.

In the new world uncontrolled industry permeates the air, while the old world remains under the spell of nature illuminated by the enchanting light.