Sunday, 6 December 2009

Water Bomb – Portrait of Marianne Faithfull

I've lived with Marianne Faithfull for many years now ... not literally, of course! But with her music. And before that with the stories about her life which, being very young, I perhaps didn't fully comprehend; she fascinated me, nevertheless. No doubt she is many things to many people, having many admirers. To me, she inhabits rock pools and lakes, existing there ethereally. The corporeal Marianne, an envoy, sent off on mad excursions – often musically, but always with great humour.

I asked if I could photograph her earlier this year at an intimate gig held at Rough Trade and was given the green light (facilitated by her helper Andrew Batt). On the way to the gig we were water bombed. We escaped un-soaked as the water-filled balloon just skimmed my nose, exploding at our feet.

These photographs are featured on Marianne's official website.

"But in her web she still delights to weave the mirror's magic sights..."

from The Lady of Shallott, Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)