Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Solution

80 x 41.5 cm, oil on board

We have to transport a large horse along the waterway on a boat, and when we come to the end of the waterway, we disembark. 

There’s a turnstile to get through and steep concrete steps down to the road. Across the road is a field where the horse will live. We wonder how we will get the horse through the turnstile, let alone down the steep steps.

Then I remember that we don’t need to try and get the horse through the turnstile at all, as next to it is a narrow chalky path cutting down the embankment to the road. Problem solved. 

Having realised this, we turn around to fetch the horse only to see that he has shrunk to the size of a dog. We can now simply carry him down in our arms. We look at him and wonder what his name might be. We all agree at once that his name must be Sebastian. We laugh. 

We put him on a coffee table and give him a drink of water. As he drinks he becomes invisible; only a watery outline remains and this we can only see at certain angles. 

A Dream

Friday 21 September 2012

Portrait of Jane Perry Woodgate

“Blessed is the lion that the man consumes, and the lion becomes man. And cursed is the man that the lion consumes, and the man becomes lion.”