Sunday, 15 December 2013

Vault: Music for Silent Gothic Treasures

Vault is a compelling and uncanny musical happening in which original music by Sarah Angliss, performed live in gothic revivalist buildings, breathes new life into rarely seen silent gothic treasures from the BFI National Archive.  Films of this kind mix romance with ancient ruins, witchcraft, transfigurations and many other gothic tropes.  They are the inspiration for Vault – a live score, featuring 45 minutes of Sarah's original work.  She's performing Vault with a small ensemble of musicians using theremin and other electronics, vocals, cello, percussion and her hand built musical automata.  This exciting and ambitious project has been made possible by an Individual’s Award from the PRS for Music Foundation.

Sarah invited me into the fold to document the rehearsals and run-throughs leading up to the first performance which took place at the BFI South Bank, London on Saturday 14 December.   Here's the story so far ...

The players, in the green room at the BFI just before they went on stage: 

Sarah Angliss
Jenny Angliss
Bela Emerson
Paul Snowdon / Time Attendant
Stephen Hiscock
BFI South Bank, London: Saturday 14 December

Sarah meets one of her heros, Peter Sasdy - director of The Stone Tape

Rehearsal Rooms, Brighton:  Sunday 8 December

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Portrait of Mouse

Gaynor Perry
on Vimeo.

Concept & Photography:  Gaynor
Hair, Make-up & Costume:  Mouse