Thursday 28 September 2023

Saint Dymphna's Medicine


composed, performed, produced & mixed by © ℗ Gaynor Perry

An act of kindness
What is you
What is me

Lost empress
Decipher her language
Slipping in and out of consciousness

Saint Dymphna's Medicine

Illegible handwriting
Eerily crossing out
The art of persuasion
Bending and flexing 
And pushing and pulling

Saint Dymphna's Medicine

An admission of guilt
Was it you
Was it me
Swallowed whole
By voluminous nights

Saint Dymphna's Medicine

They keep trying to trick me
They keep trying to scare me
I'm cavorting with wild bears
Embracing the chaos

Saint Dymphna's Medicine
Saint Dymphna's Medicine

7th century Irish princess Dymphna was fifteen years old when her own father, the Pagan King Damon, drew his sword and beheaded her because she refused to marry him after her mother’s death. So the legend goes. She had escaped the King’s horrendous advances by fleeing to Geel with her confessor priest, two trusted servants and the King’s fool. You can read more about Dymphna elsewhere, she's the patron saint of mental disorders. 

While I was incubating this piece, the component parts assembled themselves like one of those push up puppets - and there was Dymphna. I wanted to create a sanctuary. Somewhere soothing, benevolent and hopeful. 

There is of course much more to say, but you can always watch and listen.

Cover photo (GP)
Millpond, St Helen's Church, Welton, East Yorkshire 

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