Friday 18 January 2013

Projektis (paintings 1999-2002)


Here are some of my early paintings illustrating metaphysical inner journeys. 

It was a focused and determined period of painting for me. To describe my artistic practice at that time: By projecting the psyche onto a white expanse of scintillating cloud covered sky, envisaged as a blank canvas, I strived to interpret the subconscious motifs reflected back through the spectrum of my imagination. 
Underpinned by my studies of the esoteric art forms mediumship, healing and an interest in shamanic journeying, I concocted a visual language to capture my experience deciphering the landscape of my interior excursions.
Many of the paintings were created on salvaged wood. 

The Long Hello

Amazed Spectator

Trees I

Trees II



Opening Up


Psychological Turbulence

Sliding Through

Spirit Guide

Root Canal Treatment

Hailing New Ideas

Whirlpool Warning

Far Away

Martha's Tears and Destiny


Piano Man

Something Strange in the Garden

Alman Almana (The Protector)

There's a story behind this painting. I lived next door to a medium and she held sittings with a wealthy banker. During one of these sittings she spoke of an ebony man. That night I dreamed of the ebony man and was told his name is Alman Almana the protector. 
And so it is...

What Is Left Behind

The Family

Wise Old Bird

The Tallest Tree

Prairie Dog

The Thirteenth Dimension

Sonny Jumping Through The Vortex


Worldly Possessions

Eye Spy