Monday, 3 June 2013

Lucha Britannia

Welcome to the Retrofutureverse. With the support of Jonathan Ross and a highly skilled TV crew steered by Bafta award- winning director Simon Dinsell, Lucha Britannia is well on the way to prime time TV exposure.

The Lucha family, headed up by Garry Vanderhorne, are fearless and superbly talented; each show is a vivid and impassioned spectacle. I wish them every success.

Long live Lucha Britannia!

Here are my photos from Friday 31 May.

Greg Burridge . William Ospreay . Garry Vanderhorne . Marty Scurll . Charlie Buckitt . Jerry Bakewell . Steakley Bakewell . Sacha Wolstenholme . Jimmy Havoc . Kate Lomax . Mike Schofield . Benjamin Louche . P J H Synnot

Bankside Vaults Pulse
1-5 Invicta Plaza, Blackfriars Bridge, SE1 9UF

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