Thursday, 1 December 2016

Jane Perry Woodgate – An Ode to 60 Years

Jane's 60th birthday. A time to celebrate and reflect on the flesh and the spirit of this unique lady. How perfect that she chooses to gallivant naked in trees to commemorate the occasion. Artist, wood nymph, hedonist, woman-child. She's a courageous lady with a lot of heart and soul – we could all take a leaf out of Jane's book.

by Jane Perry Woodgate

Physically, I work hard
lifting, carrying, so much heaviness
spiritually, I work hard
lifted, carried, so much happiness

In the early morning it is difficult to climb
the stairs at the station
my legs ache so much
at the strain

In the early evening, it is delightful to descend
the stairs at the station
my heart hops and skips
homeward bound 

The future uncertain
no money
pension poverty

The future is certain
just love
blessedness and bliss

So, today I free my body
my soul
my mind
my heart

I climb trees naked and dance
I celebrate
every year
every moment
every person I have loved

I laugh and say

never stop singing
never stop praying
never stop loving

and most of all

I say

thank you.

Poem by Jane Perry Woodgate
Photography by Gaynor Perry