Saturday, 5 May 2018

Cat of the Heavens

concept, film, & music
composed, performed & produced by
© ℗ Gaynor Perry

Still from Cat Of The Heavens film featuring Amanda Hull as 'Fidella'.

Fidella (portrayed by Amanda Hull) is the ghost of a bird who died when she was bitten by the Mother of all Spiders. She rises in space to pay homage to the Feline Oversoul, while recalling the rituals of her earthly existence. 

Cat of the Heavens is the final piece for my album, which is called A CHILD'S RUMOUR. I have loved the adventure of creating this body of work. Each song is a real-time audio export of my personal circumstances over the past 5 years ‎intertwined with memories. Losing myself in creating these sounds is invaluable to being self-defined and expression in this field seems to be a vital component of my daily human life. Yet, ultimately, I am a woman wishing to become a bird.‎‎ :-)