Tuesday 2 July 2024

Gravel Pit Understories

After work I found a quiet place in an old, overgrown gravel pit. Using leaf litter, and whatever natural debris is strewn about me, I’m meditatively organising these things until a sort of harmony is reached.

24 June 2024

The sound textures accompanying the film clips were created using my voice in a similarly free and spontaneous manner, conjuring up how it felt to compile each ephemeral array. 

25 June 2024

Initiating this land art arose from a desire to evolve my encephalic cleansing and spend meaningful time being tactile with nature. 

26 June 2024

28 June 2024

29 June 2024

While piecing together the final assemblage, I repeatedly heard popping sounds in the long grass around me. At first I thought it was twigs falling from the trees, but it was actually seed pods exploding. I only realised this because the seed pods I’d placed in the gravel pit portal burst in front of my eyes, surprising me.

Film, photography & sound by 
Gaynor Perry

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