Wednesday 16 June 2010

The Dawn Has A Lot To Offer


I photographed the dawn on my phone over a six-month period. There is always time for a photograph, no matter how late I'm running. The photos were taken between shampoo and eyeliner, creaking wardrobe door and flurry of garments.

The dawn began infiltrating my dreams until I was wholly imbued with the spirit of night turning to day. This feeling is the raw material for my painting, The Dawn Has A Lot To Offer.

There is always a beginning.

The painting begins ...

In my dreams there are colossal, intricate gates constructed like the inside of a watch. A mechanism. I wait with my camera for the moment the light shines through the gates igniting the mechanism, setting it in motion. I'm looking up at this awesome spectacle. I must capture the shape of the light in my lens as it spills through.

Draw a line under it ...

One morning, waking suddenly after another vivid dream, I looked out of the window to see this column of light.  It didn't last for long and then the fog rolled in with the dawn chorus increasing in brilliance.

To watch the light change in the morning is a rare treat, it's never the same. There comes a moment when the light peaks, just before you see the sun pop up on the horizon. This is the moment I love the most.


The Dawn has a lot to offer ...
Oil on board, 80 x 80 cm

One Saturday morning when I really should have been asleep in bed enjoying a lie in, restlessness dragged my body outside to capture this moment on my camera.

Samurai Dawn


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Gaynorʼs inspiration manifests itself in a variety of artistic media. From an early age Gaynor often sought out the dark, mythical places around her home town of Hull and let her imagination breathe life into the haunted stillness of her surroundings creating a new reality to explore, inhabit and interpret through drawing and song. Exploring the minds subconscious imagery, Gaynor succeeds in “keeping the possible impossibility of dreams” ever near allowing her to capture the fleeting moments between imagination and perception. The realisation of these moments often demands more than one expression with the kernel of an idea feeding into a painting, music or even a photograph. Her works have been described as "evocative, sensual and transportative."

Gaynor does not consider her art as separate or apart from everyday life but as integral to the realisation and development of the human spirit. Although each piece is an incredibly personal testament, they each possess the capability to strike a harmonically resonant and emotional chord in anyone who allows themselves the time to be with them.

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