Friday, 25 June 2010

Twilight Shift - Lucha Underground


Lucha Underground at the Resistance Gallery was, quite frankly, beyond my wildest dreams. It's full speed ahead on the visual feast. Sexy. Exciting. Mad. A truly spirited evening.  I put together this TWILIGHT SHIFT  as a memento of the occasion with the photographs I took that night, accompanied by my composition.

I've written parts for Sarah Anne Robins (flute) and Robert Schuck (clarinet) on several pieces. They bring great warmth to my music. I particularly admire their improvisations, I think they really enhance the atmosphere of the tune. The Turkish Nay which Robert plays, in particular, adds a wonderful layer of spooky mist.

Here is more Lucha Britannia talent.

Philip Bedwell . Marnie Scarlet . Tammy Torture . Benjamin Louche . 
Garry Vanderhorne . Shiro Yoshida . Miranda Barrie . Jonathan Ross

RESISTANCE GALLERY 265 Poyser Street Bethnal Green London E2 9RF