Friday, 25 June 2010

Twilight Shift - Lucha Underground

Twilight Shift from Gaynor Perry on Vimeo.

Lucha Underground at the Resistance Gallery was, quite frankly, beyond my wildest dreams. It's full speed ahead on the visual feast. Sexy. Exciting. Mad. A truly spirited evening.  I put together this TWILIGHT SHIFT  as a memento of the occasion with the photographs I took that night, accompanied by my composition.

I've written parts for Sarah Anne Robins (flute) and Robert Schuck (clarinet) on several pieces. They bring great warmth to my music. I particularly admire their improvisations, I think they really enhance the atmosphere of the tune. The Turkish Nay which Robert plays, in particular, adds a wonderful layer of spooky mist.

Here is more Lucha Britannia talent.

Philip Bedwell . Marnie Scarlet . Tammy Torture . Benjamin Louche . Garry Vanderhorne . Shiro Yoshida . Miranda Barrie . Jonathan Ross

RESISTANCE GALLERY 265 Poyser Street Bethnal Green London E2 9RF