Tuesday 26 July 2022

Artificial Intelligence


Film, photography & concept by Gaynor Perry

Grethe Mangala Jensen
Deborah Griffin

written & performed by Gaynor Perry
produced & performed by Noko 440

Grethe enters a state of hypnagogic consciousness 

as she drowses on the branch of a fallen laurel tree.

Deborah Griffin

Grethe Mangala Jensen

In these hours
batteries and hazel eyes

Without careful aim
we're blown
without careful aim
we’re here now

Albion drawn in the ground
with a gemstone
a coiled shell

You are young

To live or grow
like Turing
an opponent

We're here
so grow

You are young

Gaynor Perry

Norman Fisher-Jones aka Noko 440

The day after we finished filming I walked back to the location and discovered this animal spine (above) strewn across my path. On closer inspection it may be a badger spine. There were no other bones nearby. Naturally, I reflected on how it got there. Did a dog or a fox dig it up and drag it there? What a mysterious offering.

The imagery for this body of work began with a photograph of Grethe resting on the branch of a fallen laurel tree. And now I can see a vine climbing one of the limbs, on the right-hand side, looking quite spine-like.

While this strange and timely motif seems integral to the piece, I don't have an explanation. Other than the spirit in which we approached creating this.  A profound sense of the sacred spaces of our landscape and nature within, perhaps resonated somehow in the labyrinthian old heart of the land.

Who knows.

Digby - farewell to this ethereal boy who departed for his next great adventure a month after taking this photo.

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