Thursday 7 July 2022

Her Ensemble ft. Bishi

I had the great pleasure of photographing Her Ensemble recently. Formed by violinist Ellie Consta, they are the UK's first women and non-binary string orchestra creating stunning performances. This one featuring wonderful Bishi with lighting design by Belinda Best.

Lucía Polo Moreno

L-R Raye Harvey, Emma Oldfield, Sarah Daramy-Williams

 L-R Coco Inman, Christine Anderson, Fran McGuinness Gilbert, Lucía Polo Moreno

L-R Coco Inman, Christine Anderson, Fran McGuinness Gilbert, Lucía Polo Moreno

L-R Kate Suthers, Coco Inman

Anne Denholm 

Anne Denholm 

Anne Denholm 

Meera Priyanka Raja

L-R Ellie Consta, Sarah Daramy-Williams

Raye Harvey

Lucía Polo Moreno

Fran McGuinness Gilbert

L-R Christine Anderson, Fran McGuinness Gilbert, Lucía Polo Moreno, 
Meera Priyanka Raja, Maddie Cutter

Christine Anderson

Kate Suthers

L-R Emma Oldfield, Raye Harvey

L-R Emma Oldfield, Raye Harvey

Ellie Consta, Sarah Daramy-Williams


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Saturday 2 July, 2022